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The bachelor’s programme International Management teaches you the core business skills required in an international context. The programme’s concept prepares you for both specialist and management positions with an international focus. As a graduate, you will be able to work for companies or organisations opera-ting in the global market.​

The academic programme covers topics such as business administration, accounting, taxation, economics, quantitative methods in empirical research, global strategy and ​finance, intercultural management and organisation.

In some of the courses, the language of instruction is English (e.g. International Business Economics and some elective courses). In addition, you learn
  • business English and a second foreign language (business French or Spanish) as well as
  • academic working practices and key management competences.

Furthermore, you also have opportunities to acquire additional skills.

For more specialised management skills, you can choose between the following elective modules with a functional focus:
  • Marketing Management,
  • International Marketing Management,
  • International Economic Policy for Managers,
  • International Distribution Management,
  • International Human Resources Management,
  • Current Trends in Controlling and
  • Information Purpose of Financial Reporting.

The project module combines subjects you have already studied in theory and provides further specialisation options:
  • corporate internationalisation or
  • corporate culture and corporate responsibility.

During the Financial Global Business Simulation, you apply your theoretical knowledge to practical decision-making. The syllabus includes a compulsory semester abroad, complementing its overall international focus. The study programme concludes with a bachelor’s thesis and a colloquium.

Please note: The language of instruction is partly German, partly English.​




Career Options

The programme qualifies you for advanced management positions in international business with further promotion prospects towards leading management responsibilities. As a graduate, you have plenty of options within management levels of internationally oriented large corporations, mid-sized businesses or organisations – ​in the industry, logistics, trade, commerce, communications, the energy and financial sectors etc. You could work in areas such as (international) marketing, international sales and retail, communications with an international focus, international controlling and accounting or in HR departments in multinationals.​



Semesters 1–2

  • Management
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Economics
  • Accounting  and  Taxation
  • Business English
  • Business French or Business Spanish


Semesters 3–5

  • International Business Economics
  • Academic Working Practices and Research Methods
  • Business Law
  • Business English and Intercultural Communication
  • Business French or Business Spanish
  • Compulsory semester abroad
  • Elective module (starting in semester 4):
    Marketing Management | International Marketing Management | International Economic Policy for Managers | International Distribution Management | International Human Resources Management | Current Trends in Controlling | Information Purpose of Financial Reporting


Semesters 6–7​

  • Global Strategy and Finance
  • Financial Global Business Simulation
  • Elective project module: Corporate Internationalisation or Corporate Culture and Corporate Responsibility
  • Intercultural Management and Organisation
  • Elective module (see list above)
  • Bachelor’s thesis
  • Colloquium


For detailed information on the contents of the study programme, please check the English translation of the module manual. This English translation is intended to allow international readers a better understanding. In case of discrepancies, only the German version applies and prevails.​


​Key Fa​cts 


​Language of instruction
​German and​ English
​Bachelor of Arts (BA)
​Postgraduate study programmes at HSD
​Communication, Multimedia and Market Management (MA)
Taxation (MA)
Business Analytics (MSc)
​Normal programme length
​​7 semesters
​Study programme begins
​Winter semester
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​Restricted admission *
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Special admission requirements​Proof of sufficient level of English language knowledge B2;

Pre-study internship (8 weeks) 
– Applicants for winter semester 2022/23 do not need to provide proof of a pre-study internship and proof does not have to be provided later​. This is an exception applying to winter semester 2022/23 only​.
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* The restricted admission is subject to approval by the Ministry for culture and academic affairs of North Rhine-Westphalia (MKW).