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​​Information for Degree-Seeking Applicants

This information is provided for international applicants who want to do a full-time degree programme and be awarded our degree at the end of the programme.


Exchange students from our partner universities please refer to

Exchange Programme


The first step for non-German full-degree applicants is the verification of their university entry qualifications awarded in their home countries. Application Form also need to provide proof of a university-entry level of German, as the degree programmes are conducted in German.


Practical experience (work placement/internship) of at least 12 weeks is another pre-requisite for admission. Three of the following areas must have been covered before enrolment: Marketing, Sales, Market Research/Personnel Management/Accounting, Controlling/Finance/Information Processing, IT/Communication/Organisation


For the BA in International Management a certain level of English proficiency has to be demonstrated either by an external certificate or an internal exam in May.


Application process via uni-a​ssist

Applicants cannot apply directly to the Department or the Hochschule Duesseldorf. The application process starts with a registration at the uni-assist​ agency which coordinates the application process.


Detailed information



Applications should be sent to:

Hochschule Duesseldorf
c/o uni-assist e.V.
Helmholtzstr. 2-9
10587 Berlin.


Direct application to Hochschule Duesseldorf

Only applicants who have successfully completed a Studienkolleg (W-Kurs) and fulfill the requirements for the degree programme can apply directly to the Hochschule Duesseldorf at the address below.


Application Procedure

If you have any further questions about admission requirements and application procedures, please contact the International Office.

Information for prospective students

T +49 211 4351 8140