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Faculty of Business Studies

​​Exchange Programme of the Department of Business Studies


Why study at the Department of Business Studies in Duesseldorf?


Spending a semester or a year in a foreign country is an adventure that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Exposing yourself to a new culture brings you experiences which will make you grow personally as well as professionally.


Learning a new language or improving existing language skills challenges your mind and opens it up to new ways of thinking.


The Department has many years of experience in hosting exchange students from our partner universities. Based on this experience, we have put together a programme which guides students towards a successful semester abroad and also gives them enough space to try out new ways of living and learning.


For the students of our partner universities we offer a semester programme of courses in English plus our full range of courses conducted in German.


For information about the courses being currently offered, please go to the following Link: 

List of Courses in English