Hochschule Düsseldorf
University of Applied Sciences
Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Faculty of Business Studies

History and Mission

The Department of Business Studies is one of the founding departments of the Duesseldorf University of Applied Sciences. Our student body has grown steadily from 90 students in 1970 to a total of 1500 today, taught by about 25 full-time professors and visiting lecturers or instructors.


The members of our faculty have doctorates in either Business Studies, Economics or Law and have held management positions in business prior to joining our Department. They specialize in fields such as International Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations, Communication and Multimedia, International Retailing, Trade Fair Management, Human Resource Management, Finance, Controlling, Information Management and International Business Cultures, and often work as consultants in these areas.


We are proud to have the support of highly-qualified visiting lecturers or instructors from business and industry in the Duesseldorf region who provide an important input, devoting time from their busy schedules to share with our students the experience of current business practices.


By 2010, the Bologna Process will have established a European Higher Education Area with comparable degree structures in all countries of the European Union to enable students to move freely across the whole of Europe in pursuit of the best programmes.


The Department of Business Studies has gladly taken up the challenge that the Bologna Process presents and has restructured its degree programmes. Since the winter semester 2006/2007, the Department of Business Studies offers three BA programmes and two MA programmes.

  • BA in Business Administration
  • BA in International Management
  • BA in Communication and Multimedia Management
  • MA in Communication, Multimedia and Market Management
  • MA in Finance, Auditing and Taxation


The Department has a history of more than 20 years of successful exchanges with our partner universities, and all students benefit from this experience.