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I'll keep these links on this page but please now refer to the relevant moodle course for the module you are currently studying. (August 2020)

University of Leeds - Academic W​riting​

RMIT Australia Writing Skills - (Academic Writing)​
Tips on sentence structure, academic style, academic conventions, good list of transitionals, etc.

Lisa Feldmann Barrett
Control of emotions and dealing with anxiety (e.g. exams, presentations)​

Prof Tsedal Neeley - Harvard Business School
TEDX Cambridge​

Erica's​ blog ​on the reasons why presentations make us nervous and some tips on dealing with those nerves.

Rule of ​3

"Mark Zuckerberg's Commencement Speech Used This 1 Rule of Persuasion - ​Just Like Steve Jobs Did.The presentation rule that makes content easy to follow and remember."


Cognitive Overload

Harvard Business Review - "​The ways your brain manages overload - and how to improve them".


Creative Presentation Ideas

Just be careful about the tip on telling jokes. IMO, a sense of humour works but telling jokes may not, particularly when presenting internationally.


Judith Mader - Head of Languages

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Online course: Intercultural Communication - Intercultural Theory

Online course: The LA Riots of 1992 - A study in intercultural misunderstanding


from the University of Manchester



ENGLISH with the BBC​


A quick fun way to revise or check some key points.



Those of you in BIM may not know that your book has a wonderful online site with lots of useful links and extra material.  BKM students may find specific units useful.



Steve Jobs' Stanford University address


Alexander Betts: "Why Brexit happened - and what to do next"

J K Rowling's Harvard University address: "The Fringe Benefits of Failure"

Simon Anholt: "Which country does the most good for the world?​"

Oliver Scalabre: "The next manufacturing revolution is here". Non-native speaker.

Bryan Stevenson "We need to talk about an injustice" - look out for storytelling, rule of 3 and much more!

Tim Leberecht "3 ways to (usefully) lose control of your brand" - look out for rule of 3

Kevin Allocca "Why videos go viral?" - look out for rule of 3, simplicity, sense of humour

Michael Pritchard "How do we make filthy water drinkable" - look out for VAKOG, shocking statement, use of objects and demonstration

David Christian "The history of our world in 18 minutes" - look out for use of video

Hans Rosling "The best stats you've ever seen" - look out for presentation of statistics

Presentation Zen book​

Presentation Zen 

principally slide design

Erica's pinterest board




BIM and BKM students should already have a solid mastery of English grammar. However, you may feel that you need for extra practice before the exam and will find the following useful.​

Oxford Business English. Business Grammar and Practice. New Edition by Michael Duckworth

Business Grammar Builder 

Also you can find these online:

English Grammar Online

English Grammar Secrets



 Basically, it doesn’t matter what system you use, as long as you have some kind of system to learn vocabulary and that you learn on a regular basis. It is advisable to use a system that suits your learning style. Take small steps and learn a few words and expressions at a time than to try and learn everything just before your exam.

There is software available to help you do this, for example, “Phase 6”:

Dict.cc app

You can create your own vocab lists, e.g. by adding words that you look up. Also, the program allows you to test yourself based on that list, which works like a virtual slip box that produces items at random and tests particularly those terms that are not yet anchored in the learner's memory.
In addition, you can publish your personal list to share it with others (e.g. fellow students) and export the list as an excel file.

Available on Google Play Store.



BIM and anyone planning to study abroad will find these books useful:

Writing Academic English 

(Longman Academic Writing Series)

Alice Oshima and Ann Hogue

Academic Vocabulary in Use with Answers 


Michael McCarthy and Felicity O'Dell