Hochschule Düsseldorf
University of Applied Sciences
Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Faculty of Business Studies
11 July 2017

9.00 a.m. (might also be 8.00 - please check here!) in room 03.E.018​
Dr Martin Kessler
Rheinische Post 
"Why local newspapers are still necessary"
organised by Kate Cowe, external lecturer for FB-W and ZWEK​

20 June 2017

9.00  a.m. in room 03.E.018  
Helga Kirchner
retired WDR Chief Editor Radio
"Why does democracy need good journalism?"
organised by Kate Cowe, external lecturer for FB-W and ZWEK

10 January 2017

19 January 2016

Mareike Schrankel Talent Attraction - TRIVAGO

This talk is planned within the framework of the Corporate Culture and Communication module.

Founded in Düsseldorf in 2005, Trivago is a worldwide online search platform for hotels. The company has grown from three founders to 800 employees, operating with a diverse and international workforce. Although Trivago’s headquarters are still in Düsseldorf today, the company has selected English as its working language representing the current drive towards global adoption of English as the business language tool.

 I am therefore delighted that Mareike, a former MKM student at HSD, has agreed to contribute to our final module together. Her plan is to introduce life and culture at Trivago and then to outline the impact of the decision for English on daily working life at the company. The talk will be held in an informal style so that a comprehensive Q&A session is possible.




Wednesday 25 November


CMO Grey Düsseldorf GmbH

At the age of just 29, Christoph was appointed Chief Marketing Officer at Grey in October this year. His career at Grey started less than 10 years ago so that his rise to top has been rapid. In his talk, Christoph will present his career story and lead an open discussion answering questions on working in the advertising industry.

Christoph Pietsch steigt zum CMO auf Die deutsche Grey-Gruppe befördert Marketingdirektor Christoph Pietsch in die Geschäftsführung. Mit Wirkung zum 1. Oktober steigt der 29-Jährige zum Chief Marketing Officer auf. Er ist damit das jüngste Mitglied des Führungsteams um CEO Dickjan Poppema. Pietsch ist seit neun Jahren für die WPP-Tochter tätig. 2006 startete er bei Grey eine Ausbildung zum Kaufmann für Marketingkommunikation. Später war er unter anderem als Assistent des deutschen Chairmans tätig und hat sich vor allem um den Bereich Neugeschäft und Business Development gekümmert. Zuletzt arbeitete er als Executive Director Group Marketing standortübergreifend für die Agentur. "Christoph Pietsch hat gezeigt, dass er weiß, worauf es beim Agenturmarketing in unserer Branche ankommt", sagt CEO Poppema. In seiner neuen Funktion soll Pietsch die Marke Grey als Plattform innerhalb eines Markensystems ausbauen, ihre Sichtbarkeit erhöhen und die Attraktivität steigern. Horizont - 28. September





November 2014

Pete Rutherford and Rob Szabó have been experimenting with the use of radar charts as a visually striking way to represent the diverse skills that make up communicative competence. 

They have written articles for IATEFL BESIG and the Belgian English Language Teachers Association (BELTA), establishing the key aspects of their model and answering some questions from psychologists, human resources managers, academic managers and other trainers. Pete also delivered a talk on the topic at the IATEFL BESIG Summer Symposium at the University of Graz, Austria in June 2014.

In the session at the Fachhochschule Düsseldorf, they plan to introduce radar charts as a self-evaluation tool for students of business English and corporate communication. Students attending the session will have the opportunity to evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses in business communication in English and to learn ways to develop the various aspects of communicative competence.

 Rob Szabó specialises in facilitating clear and effective communication between individuals, departments and companies. He works as a business English trainer in Düsseldorf, Germany, for marcus evans linguarama. His interests include sociolinguistics, job mobility and intercultural communication.

Pete Rutherford is a business English trainer employed by marcus evans linguarama in Düsseldorf. He started in education and training in 2003, as a high school business economics teacher, and has worked in Germany, Spain and South Africa. His professional interests include learning technologies, English and communication skills for HR professionals, and effective learning practices.