Hochschule Düsseldorf
University of Applied Sciences
Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Faculty of Business Studies


B2 language level with an emphasis on the vocabulary of media and marketing communication.

Exam: 2 hours written exam (50%) + pitch presentation


Moodle:  Modul M14: Business English​

Course Book: "Marketing Communications in English" - Erica J. Williams (2016, Wayzgoose Press)

Course book: “Presentations in English” - Erica J. Williams (Macmillan, Hueber in Germany)

Your presentation: A pitch presentation (e.g. for a new job, a promotion, an idea, a campaign, a product, a concept, a process, changes etc.).

Length: 10 minutes. You can make a group presentation with a maximum of 3 people. Each person should present for 10 minutes (i.e. 3 people = 30 minute presentation)

Grading: 50% - 120 points of total 240 points.


You gain points by:

• Giving a well-structured presentation

• Successfully integrating visual material that supports and adds to your presentation

• Having a clear purpose with a strong conclusion / recommendation

• Speaking English with a minimum B2 (CEF) level

• Using vocabulary from the course materials

• Designing and giving an original and/or entertaining presentation

• Delivering a convincing pitch presentation (i.e. selling your proposal)


You lose points by:

• Not making a presentation appointment before the assigned date which results in a fail (grade 5) for this part of the exam

• Missing your own presentation appointment which results in a fail (grade 5) for this part of the exam unless an acceptable excuse is provided (e.g. sick note)

• Being late for your own presentation appointment

• Not attending and paying attention to a minimum of 8 of your colleagues’ presentations and thus being part of the presentation audience (i.e. observation is part of your final grade)

• Not being present for the 2 presentations immediately before and immediately after your own presentation (i.e. causing disruption)

• Not preparing the technical equipment or visual material you require in advance of your presentation appointment time

• Making grammar and/or spelling mistakes and/or using German on your presentation slides and/or visual material

• Presenting under or over the time limit

Reading aloud from cards, papers or presentation slides which results in a fail (grade 5) for this part of the exam (please note that in extreme cases you will be simply be told not to complete your presentation and receive a fail grade 5).​​