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IMPORTANT - June 2020

Planning to do any of these exams in this semester (Summer 2020):

BIM Semester 1 

BIM Semester 3

BKM Business Skills (Note: you must make arrangements with me to do your pitch presentation)?

Contact me as soon as possible if you have not already done so.




Students of BIM and BKM should check in here periodically for updates and downloads concerning your Business English course. You will also find some links that may help you with your studies.

If you mail me, please indicate if you are studying BIM or BKM.​

Please address all requests for language certificates to the Studienbüro and not to me.

What's Business English?

A specialised niche of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and/or Lingua Franca (ELF) that concentrates on the:

-       language of business topics
-       teaching and training of business communication skills, e.g. presentations
-       intercultural issues and training
-       examination of issues surrounding the development of English as the global language of business.

"Today more than ever, Business English is considered to be a finely tuned, purpose specific tool, the imperative required to join, communicate and compete in the international, worldwide market economy that allows for an appropriate, rapid and effective response to its ever-increasing demands." 

(Journal of Teaching English for Specific and Academic Purposes).​

​Some comments from former students at HSD:

At the end just another thing, I know I never was the best English student. But this semester is by far the best English semester I ever had - I really love doing presentations and I like the way how you let us do them. The English lectures on Tuesday were my highlight during my semester. Thanks for that.
Best wishes

I really felt like I should send you a message some day to let you know how valuable your English classes were at university. I took so many learnings for my future jobs. Especially for my latest one, I started working with PayPal in March and I have to think about your classes so often! Really appreciate it even if it felt hard back then ;-) 

Greetings from Berlin

I did my Bachelor (BIM) more than a year ago and just got started with my Master Degree. A fe​w months already passed and I realized how much I actually learned from your class in Business English in comparison to my fellow students. As much as it bothered me that my grades weren't that good and that it always was a lot of effort, i now have to thank you for "kicking our asses". Besides the English skills, the presentation training pays off now - in the business context and for the master. 
That's it - Thank you again, 

I graduated in 2016 ...Your BIM courses improved my presentation skills significantly and brought my written and verbal English skills to a professional level. I gained relevant insight on intercultural communication to a point where I feel comfortable conversing and connecting with people from all over the world. You​ showed me the power of using effective language and how small adjustments can have a big impact. Your explanations ... always stuck with me – I “field tested” some of them in a professional environment and it is almost ridiculous how much of an effect they can have when utilized correctly.

Thank you for all the things I learned from you during your classes. I improved my English language and presentation skills a lot. Furthermore you always had an open ear for me and my issues. Thank you for this! I am currently planning to apply for a MBA in England.

Thank you and best regards,


Right at the moment we’re in the middle of our midterms. We’re totally grateful to be here and we try to get the most out of this semester. During the weeks, we study the whole day (and night) and spend the weekends travelling around California (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Yosemite, Highway 1).
We had to think about what you’ve said in class (“no matter what you’ll do - you’ll need presentation skills and a cultural awareness”). We can absolutely underline your statements because every professor is telling us that we’re good and well-structured presenters; .....

Nxxx and Kxx​​​


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