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Talent Attrac­tion at TRI­VA­GO

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This talk is planned within the framework of the Corporate Culture and Communication module in B.A. International Management​.​

Founded in Düsseldorf in 2005, Trivago is a worldwide online search platform for hotels. The company has grown from three founders to over 1300 employees, operating with a diverse and international workforce. Although Trivago’s headquarters are still in Düsseldorf today, the company has selected English as its working language representing the current drive towards global adoption of English as the business language tool.

Corinna Breuer and Maria Casaramona have agreed to contribute to the corporate communication module. Their plan is to introduce life and culture at Trivago and then to outline the impact of the decision for English on daily working life at the company followed by Q&A.