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Exkursion nach Brüssel

​​​​​​​26 Teilnehmer aus 11 Nationen sind zwei Tage gemeinsam nach Brüssel gefahren, um sich dort über die Arbeit der EU Institutionen zu informieren.

Die Exkursion fand im Rahmen des Kurses „EU Impact“ des internationalen Programms des Fachbereichs Wirtschaftswissenschaften statt.


Am ersten Tag wurde das Europäische Parlament besucht. Nach einer Einführung in die Aufgaben und Funktionen des Parlaments, konnten der Plenarsaal und weitere Einrichtungen besichtigt werden. Die kulturelle und sprachliche Vielfalt der Europäischen Union wurde dabei anschaulich deutlich.

Bei dem sich anschließenden Termin in der Ständigen Vertretung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen wurden Einblicke in die Arbeit von Interessensvertretungen in Brüssel gewährt.

Im Mittelpunkt des zweiten Tages stand die Arbeit der Europäischen Kommission. Diskutiert wurden neben den Aufgaben und dem Zusammenwirken der Institutionen, Fragen zum EU Binnenmarkt, zum Brexit und zur internationalen Zusammenarbeit mit der EU.

Kenntnisreiche Referenten, gutes Anschauungsmaterial und die weltoffene Atmosphäre in Brüssel haben das theoretische Thema des Kurses mit Bildern, Leben und persönlichen Eindrücken bereichert.


​​It was a big chance for me to visit EU parliment and council. Thanks to this trip, I have seen the places where lots of important decisions are made. So, I am very happy since I attended to this trip. And, I will never forget the taste of real Belgium waffle :)
Furkan (Turkey)

Thank you again for the trip and the good program we enjoyed!
Apart from the beers and fries, I really enjoyed visiting the parliament and the commission, the speakers were really nice too. I think all Erasmus sitting at the commission table looked like some kind of "EU student representatives delegation"! And as a fan of comics, Brussels is a very particular place for me, thanks again for the stay.
Guillaume (France)

I think the trip to Brüssel is very interesting.the seconday to Europe Union conference make me know the policy and plan of EU,the teacher explained very clear.everyone can ask question freely hier and push their owns points of view.I will never forget the day.And we are so lucky can go to Brüssel with a so patient and enthusiasm teacher.
Yi Yang  (China)

the best part of the trip is the vivid way we learn new things. you can go into the EU parliment and commissions to listen the officer to introduce how it function well,what are their jobs.And ask them questions you interested in.That makes you easy to catch the important points. Also you can learn more that doesn't show on your text book.
Plus : It is a well-organized trip. we have so much fun during the way.Brussel is a beautiful city too, but their beer is easy to get drunk.

I think the Parliament was definitely one of the most important experience I had during my studies here in Düsseldorf, I never tough I would have the chance to visit where everything happens regarding the EU decisions. 
Thank you for organizing this trip. 
Gabriela (Italy)

About the trip, It definitely is the most interesting trip in my college life till now because I never travelled to a different country as part of a course:)
I really felt honored to be at European Parliament and Commission and It was really impressive how everyone treated us with respect there even if we were just visitors and being in the same room in European commission. That really made us feel Important :-)
Priyanka (India)

Going in Brussels was for me a great experience. Not only for the bier but more seriously for the visit of the parliament and the European commission. 
It was an incredible opportunity to discover the centre of decisions. Moreover, I particularly appreciated the European commission visit because I could better understand the stakes in core of the European construction (e.g. Brexit). 
Nicolas (France)

For me the best thing was seeing the chamber and talking with someone who works for European Union. Mr. George he was funny and objective and also he provided us a very comfortable environment to discuss. Of course this is all besides the Waffles!!! They were just amazing! 
Ecenur (Turkey).
Thank you.


​​Die Exkursionsteilnehmer bedanken sich für die finanzielle Unterstützung der Reise durch das International Office der HSD.​